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WhitePaper: E-learning in higer education
MIT OpenCourseWare
StreamItUp provides complete E-learning solutions for small, mid and large scale education institutes.

More than 95% of high educational and K-12 courses in the world deliver by frontal lectures, taking place in educational institute’s lecture halls.

StreamItUp vision is to enable every educational institute to share, publish and interact with its students at any time and from any place, directly from its lecture halls.

StreamItUp provide completely automatic E-learning solution that enable educational institutes to generate and share reach multimedia databases directly from its lecture halls without any limitation on the teaching method or accessories in use.

StreamItUp solution, enable real-life, reach multimedia experience and real-time interaction between lecture in class and remote students.

Real-life and interactive experience between the lecturer in the physical class and the remote students enable unlimited audience with a great learning platform for both, students and instructors.

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